Semi Sheer

Semi Sheer

I can’t express how comfortable this skirt is! I love everything about it, how it’s semi sheer, pleated (of course), and long! Every time I’ve worn it I’ve received numerous compliments.  It’s a great classic piece to have in my wardrobe. On another note, what do you loves think of my new hair? I felt my squirrel brown color was dull and needed a perk up, which is why I […]



There are days where all I want to wear are sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt, but then I have days where I want to be all glitzy and dolled up, like today! This pink Versace for H&M dress was probably my favorite purchase out of them all. Never having the best pair of shoes for this dress, took me several months to find, until last weekend when I stumbled upon […]

The Palm

Toronto Fashion Week begins today! I am so excited to see what’s coming for FW12. I decided to go all out and rock my Versace for H&M palm print leggings.  Bold print pants are becoming probably the hottest trend and if you’re not rocking them to Fashion Week, then you’ll never rock them! Hope to spot all my fellow Toronto Fashion Bloggers tomorrow! ~ Love C


Sunday’s tend to be my favorite day of the week! It’s meant for lounging around or doing things only for yourself! That is exactly what I did yesterday! I decided to wear this fabulous mustard colored top I bought at Zara in September and pair it with pink lips, and a yellow/orange/pink animal print Versace for H&M headscarf.  These classic wide legged jeans go well to tone down the outfit […]

Band Jacket Lace

Band Jacket Lace

Last year I bought this band inspired lace blazer, and fell in love with the ruched shoulders and button detail.  Since mixing metals is such hot trend these days, I felt it was only appropriate to mix them in this outfit, from the Greek key gold detail on the leggings to the silver buttons on jacket and everything in between. – Stay Classy Loves

Warehouse Chic

Recently I was cleaning out my closet trying to find items to give away to those in need, especially with the holiday season around the corner.  While clearing out my shoe section, I realized that I have at least 7 pairs of black booties/boots, you can certain styles see them here, here and here.  I know black is always basic and one of the most worn colors in shoes, but […]

A little piece of Versace

Saturday was the North American launch for Versace for H&M and while all of you know how long I waited, and might think I’m crazy for doing so, it was well worth it! One of the pieces I picked up was this velvet animal print cropped jacket with the signature Versace logo on the front.  Not something I would typically be drawn to, but there was something about this jacket […]

Versace for H&M

Saturday was one of the biggest events to ever hit H&M! Why? Because Versace has finally arrived!  Yes, I was one of those people who camped out for Versace, and it was well worth the 19+ hour wait!  At 1:45pm Friday afternoon, I was the first to start lining up at H&M in Yorkdale mall! At first it was a bit awkward, standing there lining up alone, but within a […]