Hong Kong – The Bright City

Thanks to my parents, in May 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Singapore & Hong Kong.  It was my 25 birthday present to bring me back to the city I was born, Singapore, and the one city I traveled to numerous times as a child, Hong Kong.  Like most places in China, Hong Kong is a very crowded city, with never a sleeping moment! Just take a […]


Up and away – Vacation starts soon!

As most of you know I am heading to Peniche, Portugal for a few weeks.  Peniche is a small surf/fishing town just north of Lisbon. It is probably one of the prettiest places I’ve been to because of it’s cute historic, small town charm, and beautiful sandy beaches. Peniche cannot compare to any other beach town I have been to in awhile! Mind you it is also my home away […]

Packed Up For Portugal

I’ll be leaving Toronto and heading to Portugal soon! How exciting! I am packing so much I just know it, but why not? I am there for almost 3 weeks!  I have packed some of my favorite items, like my DIY denim frayed vest, sequin blazer (with added shoulder pads), my bright/bold print maxi dresses, cute tops, shorts, and of course my Ted Baker pumps! Must leave some room for […]

Singapore – The Cleanest City in the World!

  Singapore is one of the most SPECTACULAR cities in the world! Don’t let Singapore’s size fool you! Everything there is larger than life. For instance the Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore Flyer, the Mega Zip at Sentosa Island, and much more. For great places to eat, check out IndoChine in the Marina Bay, the various restaurants in Convent of Holy Infant Jesus, as well as Boat Quay, just be […]