Holiday Wish List

The holidays are quickly approaching, I’ve already started my wish list, and began brainstorming gifts for the ones closest to me! So far this wish list of mine is all over the place, from a monogram gold necklace, to sparkly purple pumps, to a few classic pieces for winter. I’ve made note on some of the most stylish and affordable gifts for this holiday season! 1. Max & Chloe  West […]


My Favorite Things

Unpacking has really become a chore, I always ask myself why I pack so much to go away on holidays, it must be my fear of forgetting something! Oh wait…I did forget something – my camera charger, so for my entire trip I had to rely only on others and my iPhone 4! Thankfully it takes decent pictures!  I hope that I’m not the ONLY one who over packs, but […]

Up and away – Vacation starts soon!

As most of you know I am heading to Peniche, Portugal for a few weeks.  Peniche is a small surf/fishing town just north of Lisbon. It is probably one of the prettiest places I’ve been to because of it’s cute historic, small town charm, and beautiful sandy beaches. Peniche cannot compare to any other beach town I have been to in awhile! Mind you it is also my home away […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Does your mother always say to you: “No need to spend money on me”, or “I have everything”? Well don’t listen! I bet that your mother is the one that is there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, the one that always supports you, the one that listens when you have questions, so why not find her the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day!!  We have […]