Cream Mushroom Sauce Penne

Cream Mushroom Sauce Penne

I have been slacking in my recipe department, but I’m back on track and I’ve found a great recipe that’s quick and delicious! I am a huge fan of pasta, and when I found this recipe in my recipe book, I couldn’t stop making it! For the past few weeks I’ve made this dish at least once a week! It’s a must try in my books! Bom Appetit! ~Love CTina […]

Sugar Cookies + Royal Icing

Sugar Cookies + Royal Icing

It’s always a holiday family tradition to bake sugar cookies and then decorate them! This year with so many hectic schedules, it was hard to get all of us in the kitchen at the same time! I decided that I was going to bake the first batch alone! Icing the cookies is such a time consuming and tedious job, but likely I found this great royal icing recipe that was […]

Cheddar Cheese Scones

Cheddar Cheese Scones

Normally I love to eat plain scones with butter and strawberry jam at tea time, but last night was craving something a bit different! I opened the fridge to find 3 bars of cheddar cheese (one of my favorite cheeses!) and felt it was a great night to bake some cheddar cheese scones (recipe found here) – Happy Eating!  

Banana Apple Bread

As the holidays are quickly approaching us, I am testing out delicious recipes so I am prepared and know what to bake the eve of the parties! This weekend I tried this recipe for Banana Apple Bread.  If you love banana bread, then you haven’t tried anything yet until you’ve tried this fall mix! It’s moist, tasty, and best of all it’s delicious!

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween must to be one of my favourite times of the year and cupcakes could possibly one of my favourite dessert, so why not bring the two together!  A year ago I purchased this AMAZING Martha Stewart Cupcake book – probably one of the best purchases ever ! Flipping through her book I decided that the ‘Devil’s Food Cupcakes’ would be the best recipe for this eerie day!  I used the Swiss Meringue […]

drink Recipe: Bloody Caesars

There is nothing more refreshing in the mornings up north than Caesars! For the past 2 weekends I’ve been going up north to Mount Forest with my cousins! And every morning we’ve not only had a cup of coffee, but have made Caesars! The delicious mixture of Motts Clamato juice, tabasco, celery salt and vodka, just hits the spot! Caesars are more a ‘Canadian’ thing, but they are very similar […]

Fruity Water – Peaches & Oranges

For those who know me, you all know how much water I drink!  But as we all know water has no taste, and yesterday I was looking for something to make my taste buds go WOW! So I decided to add an orange and a peach into the water for the extra zing! Oh was this ever tasty!

Quick Easy Hummus Recipe

I found this great quick and easy hummus recipe online!! Hummus is one of my favorite dips for so many reasons, but mainly because it’s not only super tasty but healthy at the same time!  It is one of the world’s most famous dips and spread! This time around I added fresh parsley to the mix to send my taste buds on a whirlwind, and I usually add paprika when […]

Top Summer Cocktails

  Welcome to the first day of summer, so let’s get our drink on!  We have picked out this month’s top cocktail choices! These adventurous beverages are for those who love to enjoy the weekend or even a week day!  Are you getting ready to host a summer party this month? Be sure to try the Black Raspberry Sangria! For the mango lovers out there, get mango-nized with the Mango […]