For the LOVE of LOAFERS! – hottest spring 2011 flat

Loafers are the new ‘IT’ flat! They go great with jeans, leggings and other casual pieces. They are comfy yet very polished and sophisticated! 1. H&M Beaded Loafer – $29.95 2. Forever 21 Gold Cream Loafer – $30.80 3. Aldo White Loafer – $70.00 4. Town Shoes Minnetonka – $69.95 5. Zara Animal Print Loafer – $39.99


POP-A-Licious! The brights for summer 2011

FINALLY! Nail polish and fashion are going to compliment each other!  These shades will look amazing with any bold color or pattern that we see in this seasons fashion.  Wearing highly contrasting colors will be HOT for spring/summer! For your toes and fingers to gain their POPularity, check out China Glaze ‘Poolside’ collection,  OPI Brights, and Sephora by OPI Glee collection!

Gold Rush – Your Golden Look for Spring/Summer 2011

What type of metal are you these days? Silver? or Gold? Not sure about you ladies out there but I’ve been leaning more towards gold…don’t get me wrong silver is still in my heart, but gold has this sexy, sultry feel to it when you put it on. Chunky jewelry, metallic pumps, golden sunglasses will look stunning with any sun-kissed glow this season! 1. Steve Madden Metallic Pump – $125 […]

Juicy Lips – Spring/Summer 2011

Fashion & beauty go hand in hand, and as we know BRIGHTS are in!  Pinks, oranges, corals, and reds are making our lips kissable! Take the plunge and indulge in a little pop this season.  Visit a make-up professional to find out which shade works best on you!

In Livin’ Colour – In for Spring/Summer 2011

COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR! Words cannot begin to describe how this season is going to be BRIGHT! And not just by the sun but by the way we use colour in our outfits.  However, be careful on how you colour block, please please please do not mix red & green together, we are not celebrating that holiday at this time of the year.  Try mixing blues, purples, yellows, oranges, pinks and […]