Pink Day

Pink Day

Hey Babes! Yesterday was International Day of Pink. International Day of Pink was started in Nova Scotia when a gay student wore a pink shirt to school and was being bullied. 2 students who intervened wanted to do more to prevent bullying and decided to bring pink shirts to school and got everyone to wear one.  As a result the entire school stopped bullying. “The message was clear: anyone can bully, any can be victimized by bullying, but together we can stop it.” - 

Rather than wearing a pink shirt, I decided to wear pink pants to support those bullied.  Have you ever been bullied as a child or an adult? I sure have, but because of the mean words and actions from fellow peers, I have become a much stronger person today, and has made me work hard to prove them wrong. ~Love CTina XO

International Day of Pink

International Day of Pink

International Day of Pink

International Day of PinkTrousers – Topshop {old, similar} // Blouse – Vintage // Zebra Topper – c/o Ann Taylor // Shoes – Aldo {old} // Purse – Danier {on sale!} // Earrings – Kate Spade // Sunglasses – Rayban


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  1. Interesting information about Pink Day! Didn’t know that was a thing but will try and remember for next year. Bullying is so awful and can really crush someone’s spirit and confidence, but can be so powerful in inducing strength and confidence!

    Those pants look great on you! Love the pastel pairing..

  2. Christina, I am head over hills for this look. I am not sure what caught my attention to most, the coat or the shoes. Beautiful colors, and just perfect for this spring season.

  3. That blue Danier bag is perfect! Love that it’s on sale now…woo!

    Lindsay xx,

  4. Your glass heel is great, wow how did you find those?

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