DIY: Toe-Capped Pumps

DIY: Toe-Capped Pumps

As I’ve mentioned before, I am completely obsessed with the toe cap trend, that I decided to take an old pair of Nine West pumps and transform them into this seasons hottest shoe, by adding a gold toe cap! Takes only about 5 minutes and voila, you’re ready for a night out on the town!! ~Love CTina xo

What you’ll need:
– Pair of black pointy toe pumps (mine are from Nine West)
– Painters tape – that way it doesn’t ruin your shoe
– Gold spray paint – from Michael’s or any craft store (you can use any metallic color)

– Place painter’s tape 2″ from the tip of the shoe
– Take the spray paint and spray just the tips
– Let it dry for 5 minutes, and then give one last spray
– Let it try for 30 minutes
– Remove tape carefully
– Voila – Your toe capped pumps are ready for a night out!
*Note: you can do this to plain flats as well!


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  1. I need to try this. Thanks for the tip and it looks super simple…xoxoxox

  2. Loving this DIY. Great way to take plain old heels and make them new again :)

    Jess James

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