Essentials: Fall 2012

Essentials: Fall 2012

As much as I want summer to last 365 days a year, it doesn’t here in Canada unfortunately! But not to fret I am prepared and semi excited for Fall 2012 to come, just so I can switch up my core basics! I have chosen a few staples to have in your wardrobe for the upcoming season! ~Love CTina xo

1. Ponte Boyfriend Blazer – Topshop
2. Santino Satchel – Mimi Boutique
3. Contrast Color Chiffon Shirt – Romwe
4. Leather Leggings – Danier Leather
5. Pointed Court Shoe with Straps – Zara
6. Waffle Pleated Skirt – Topshop


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  1. Love your selections. Specially the shirt, shoes and skirt! – Carla

  2. Those shoes are what i need!

    Thanku for this post!


  3. I love that chiffon shirt! I cannot wait until fall rolls around!

    The Glossy Life

  4. Lovely Blog. Great stuff. I love your stye :)

    -follow each?

  5. Love your choices! I think a red tailored is a must have this fall!


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