DIY Creations: Glitter Mason Jar Vase

DIY Creations: Glitter Mason Jar Vase

This is a fun an easy DIY creation that can be used for centerpieces, decorative pieces throughout the home as well as unique gifts!

What you’ll need:
– Mason Jar
– Glitter (I am using Martha Stewart Crafts Color: Smoky Quartz)
– Glittering Glue (You can use normal white glue, but I prefer the Glittering Glue by Martha Stewart Crafts)

~Love CTina xo


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  1. I missed your voice dude !!!! Hope we’ll get to see each other soon :(
    Xo’s from Pariiiiiiiiis

  2. Very cute! Will have to try this!

    Isabel XX

  3. Love the DIY idea! you have an amazing blog, I’m your follower now! x

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