May Flowers

Floral Jeans – Zara // Blouse – Zara (old) // Wedges – Aldo (old, similar) // Necklaces – Forever 21 // Clutch – Vintage // Bracelets – DIY & H&M // Watch – Michael Kors // Rings – Forever 21, Vintage, Material Girl // Sunglasses – House of Harlow 1960

It seems the saying ‘April showers brings May flowers’ is false! We’re already into May and other than the weekends, the weekdays are miserable! Rain, rain and more rain!

Since my mom and I are the same size, we definitely rob, steal and borrow from each others closets! I couldn’t wait to jump into these white denim floral print jeans the minute I saw her pull it out of the bag! The cobalt blue flowers add a punch to your typical white denim! As for my neon necklace – I couldn’t just buy 1 I had to buy 2 and layer them to add more of a ‘WOW’ factor to the already big statement! What do you loves think of the double layered necklace?  ~Love Ctina xo


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  1. Hey gorgeous lady…Love the outfit !!

    Check out my new post…

  2. Muito Gira!

    Bjs Lili

  3. Look at that necklace! Amaze!

    xx Isabel

  4. You’re beautiful. This outfit is great!


  5. Loved how you mixed so many bright colors! Also, love the necklace. – Carla

  6. What an amazing look. I am here drooling over this whole outfit. I love the pants, blouse, necklace…I mean you name it. I must say one of my favorite one so far. ;)

  7. Your jeans are amazing!

    Laura xo

  8. WOW! Your necklace is fantastic! I wish I could still find it on the website!!


  9. Hi there Christina I am a huge fan style of your style and site…Im always waiting for a new post. I was wondering if there is anyway I can buy one of these neon necklaces from you, I have been desperately trying to get it from forever 21 and emailing them and trying to find similar ones everywhere, can I please please please pretty please buy of these from you? I would appreciate it soooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  10. hey, i love your look.. the pink wid the neon necklace looks fabulous.
    i have been looking for this necklace everywhere but i cant find anything similar.. i no its stupid to ask butt can i buy one from you since u have 2 lol.. no but I’m serious..
    let me noo :)

    • Hey. Thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately I’m not selling them. They’re 2 of my favorite pieces. Xo

  11. Hi I can’t find this necklace anywhere! When did you buy it? And do you have the tag for the style number so my local store can look it up! I need it tomorrow!

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