Sugar Cookies + Royal Icing

Sugar Cookies + Royal Icing

It’s always a holiday family tradition to bake sugar cookies and then decorate them! This year with so many hectic schedules, it was hard to get all of us in the kitchen at the same time! I decided that I was going to bake the first batch alone! Icing the cookies is such a time consuming and tedious job, but likely I found this great royal icing recipe that was much easier to handle than a buttercream icing, that I usually used!


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  1. They look yummy. Thanks for the recipe and can’t wait to try them and make them for my BF. The bou has the sweeties tooth you can possibly imagine ;)

  2. WoAH is that an icing GUN?! How fantastic is that! It looks very serious and profesh :) love it! And those sprinkles are pretty cute too :) Kaleigh xx

  3. So beautiful, I almost wouldn’t wanna eat them! :)


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