A little piece of Versace

Saturday was the North American launch for Versace for H&M and while all of you know how long I waited, and might think I’m crazy for doing so, it was well worth it! One of the pieces I picked up was this velvet animal print cropped jacket with the signature Versace logo on the front.  Not something I would typically be drawn to, but there was something about this jacket when I saw it in the window display that I fell in love with.  It was different, it was funky, it was a statement piece, and rather than wearing statement accessories, why not throw on this funky jacket!


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  1. You look gorgeous. That jacket is a great statement piece. It wasn’t one of the ones I loved when I saw the collection first but it looks amazing on. :)


    • I know! Thought the same thing when I saw the collection online – then when I saw it in person my mind changed!! I’ll do another outfit tomorrow with some pieces! Did you hear they’re doing a spring line? Stuff looks so cute! Can’t wait to purchase!

  2. Love the jacket and also I love the way you combine your metals. I love it!

  3. uh I love that jacket – i love colors


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