Metallic Pants


I am so obsessed with metallic, as you can see here, and here , which is why I was thrilled when I found these gold pants at Zara!  I first caught a glance of metallic pants on the runways of Joe Fresh in March at Toronto Fashion Week.

Metallic pants have always been my thing. Back in the day I had a pair of gold pants, which then got cut into a mini skirt, which then was donated to the Salvation Army. Really shows that what goes around comes around – especially in fashion! What I love about this outfit is how versatile it is for going out or just a casual day.


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  1. Love the complete look, especially those pants!

  2. I really do love metallics! this outfit is gorgeous and great for day to night transitions :)

    Love, Vanilla

  3. Hey,
    Love your look! I really like the necklace and gold pants! Killer!:)

  4. Love your look, love your blog! It’s good to find some inspirations here :)

    PS. I’ll add your site to my favourite websites on my blog ;)

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